A Good Cry

You know the feeling; the burning in the back of your eyes, the lump in your throat, the tightness in your chest.

Crying sucks in the moment but, usually, you feel better afterwards.

Sometimes, you just need a good cry.

When everything just gets to be a little too much and the weight of the world is bringing you down, crying can actually help.

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The ARMY Bracelet

The ARMY Bracelet! So, even though I wasn’t involved in the creating of this, this project is very near and dear to my heart.

This is a friendship bracelet made by BTS ARMYs. Not BTS, not BigHit, wonderful ARMYs made this.

The idea first came about on Twitter from @sofarawav, who then created an account @armybracelet to create and promote this project. Within hours the account had thousands of followers.

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The Disneybound Tag

Michelle from A Geek Girls Guide made this Disneybound Tag and I absolutely loved it! You can find her post here, go give it a read for more Disney goodness.

So what is Disneybounding? It’s basically casual, everyday cosplay (dressing up, costumes) of Disney characters. Most people use the iconic colours of the characters’ outfits and play with different types of clothes. So don’t think you have to wear a dress to Disneybound as a princess!

To the tag!

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Now, this is a topic fraught with controversy. There are a million and one opinions out there about it, so here’s mine. This is going to be a longer post, with a lot of heavy information and opinions.

There’s a lot to unpack when it comes to abortion. Much more than I can in one blog post. But I have tried to find good information. I am speaking from a Canadian context. My opinions are my own, I have linked to where I have found all of my information, and I do not take this topic lightly.

Since all of the news about many states planning to make restrictions on abortion, I have been livid. I keep saying to my friend that society is regressing at an alarming rate.

I wanted to know more about the laws and rights for abortion in Canada because I live in Canada, not the US. I don’t know if I was just searching the wrong things, but it is very difficult to find information regarding what the laws are.

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The Moon is Beautiful

(featured image from https://solarsystem.nasa.gov/resources/2423/supermoon-2014/?category=moons_earths-moon)

Romance is a Bonus Book (see more about the show here) introduced me to this phrase. And oh what a beautiful phrase it is. When it got brought up again later in the show, I wanted to know more about where it came from.

“Instead of “I love you”, Soseki Natsume said, “The moon is beautiful.” It was a night that made me think of him.” -Eun-ho, episode 5

The moon is beautiful, isn’t it? 月が綺麗ですね (tsuki ga kirei desu ne), in Japanese, and 달이 아름답다 그렇지 않다 (dal-i areumdabda geuleohji anda) in Korean.

(Although in the show, Eun-ho says “단 아름답지” which is a simplified way of saying “the moon is beautiful)

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Check Your Privilege

Summer term one just started at university for me and we’re already right into everything. The summer terms are shorter so there’s no easing into it.

This might be a bit of a heavier blog post. Privilege can be an uncomfortable thing to talk about but it is important to talk about. I have the privilege to learn about and be able to talk about privilege in a safe and non-judgemental environment and I don’t take that lightly.  I hope this can be an opportunity to talk about privilege constructively and non-judgementally as well.

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