I Don’t Have a Dream.

I don’t have a dream.

I don’t have an end goal.

I don’t have a destination.

Ever since I can remember, people are always asking what I want to do with my life. What do I want to be when I grow up, what am I going to do after I graduate, what am I going to with my life.

I always had an answer of course; a vet, a marine biologist, a forensic scientist.

I was supposed to have an answer, I was supposed to plan and figure out where my life was going. So I tried.

I’m now 20 years old (almost 21!), going to university, living away from home. And I no longer have an answer. People still ask, it’s a very common conversation starter among university students, as well as at family get-together’s especially if you’re the only one in the family at university. People naturally want to know where you’re going and what your plan is. If you’re in university you have to have big plans and goals, right?

Lot’s of people do, and that’s amazing. Follow your dreams, achieve your goals.

But I don’t.

I don’t know where I’m going, maybe I’ll move across the world. Maybe I’ll get another degree. Maybe I’ll get a job right after I graduate. I simply don’t know. Which is a really difficult thing to live with in the society I have grown up in. I don’t know what my role in society is going to be, I don’t know how I’m going to be a productive member of society; because that’s what I’m supposed to be, productive. What’s more, I don’t know how I’m going to support myself and afford to live. That’s terrifying.

However, something that has really comforted me is something that Min Yoongi of BTS has said.

“It’s okay if you don’t have a dream, just be happy next year. You don’t need a dream to be happy.”

-Min Yoongi

He said this as a happy new year message to the fans of BTS, however, it’s something that I’ve taken to heart in my daily life. I’ve started living for the things that make me happy now. At the start of this new year, hello 2019, I still don’t have a big dream. I’m not going to change the world, I’m not going to be the most successful person that my friends know. I simply choose to be happy. As I continue to work towards finishing my degree, I choose to be happy. Maybe I’ll find a goal along the way. But right now, and for the rest of my life, I want to be happy.

I hope anyone reading this can choose to be happy as well ❤




Why I Haven’t Posted

So, I haven’t posted for over a month.

I was really excited to come back to blogging, I wanted to start posting regularly and interacting with people in the community. I knew it would be hard with school but I still wanted to do it.

Well, it hasn’t happened yet, obviously. Things got really tough for the last few months, and I feel like I’m just now getting back on my feet. Some things happened in my personal life and the stresses of school really started to get to me. Let’s just say, it was a struggle for a while.

But I really just want to take this opportunity to express how important it is to take care of yourself. Not just physically but mentally. It is so important to check in with yourself and allow yourself to take a break when you need to. Do something to recharge, to pick yourself back up, to reset. If you ever find yourself struggling, reach out and ask for help. I know it’s hard, I know you may feel like you’re being a burden, but you’re really not. I promise. Talk to a friend, a family member, a teacher, a counselor. Anyone. Just talk to someone. Because you never have to struggle alone.

I hope anyone reading this is doing good. And if you’re not, you’re not alone. I believe in you and all the wonderful that you are. I hope you always remember that it’s going to be okay.



Halloween Centerpiece Tips

Halloween, a time for costumes, spooks, and treats (or tricks!). I have always loved Halloween, it’s one of my favorite holidays! With Halloween right around the corner I thought I’d share some tips for creating a spooky Halloween centerpiece. Or in my case, a spooky coffee table!

Before we start, I will admit that my Halloween decoration stash is a bit sparse unfortunately. But I’m working on it! Anyways, onto the tips!


1.Color Scheme

halloween color pallet

My general color pallet. Made from this website: https://coolors.co/

Have a set color scheme, this will make everything look like it goes together and isn’t just a bunch of random Halloween decorations thrown onto your table. There are lots of options for Halloween color schemes, so pick whatever jumps out at you! Maybe include your favorite color, or if you find a decoration that you love you can base your color scheme around that.


For example, I incorporate my Halloween decorations with my fall decorations because fall colors are my favorite.

2.Play with height

Having decorations of varying heights will make your table look a lot more interesting. Put some shorter decorations around a tall vase of flowers. Try stacking some (spell) books and put a smaller Halloween decoration on top, along with shorter ones beside it. This is an easy way to get height even if you don’t have tall flowers.

This is also a good tip in general for decorating a table!


Fake or real, candles are a great way to provide some spooky ambiance if you dim the lights. Plus, you can get festive scented ones for an added sensory experience!

But please be careful if you’re using real candles! Never leave them unattended and keep them away from flammable decorations.


Whether your table is for a party or just for some festive fun, treats are always great to have for Halloween. Something as simple as a bowl or two of mini Halloween candies will certainly do the trick (or treat)!

If you’re decorating a food table for a party, keep the decorations towards the back if the table is against a wall to maximize space. If not, keep the decorations in the middle. In either case, make sure to space out decorations so that there is a lot empty space for your food!

5.Have fun with it

Okay, so I know this tip is a bit of a cop out, but it’s true! You have to be having fun and picking things that you love. If you don’t, it’s going to show, you can always tell when someone really puts love into their decorations. Besides, if you’re not having fun what’s the point?

Here are some of my favorite decorations


And a before and after!




That’s all folks! Those are my 5 Halloween centerpiece tips, I hope you guys liked them and maybe they helped you out! I would love to see your Halloween decorations, so Tweet me pictures, you can find me at @Its_Becca_M

If you liked this, give me a follow, I plan to have a lot of fun content like this so stay tuned!


Goodbye Pocket Ponderings

I’ve revamped my blog!

I am no longer Pocket Ponderings, we had a good run but I’m on to bigger and better things (hopefully!)

The direction I’m taking my blog will be into the world of lifestyle and DIY, while still staying true to my roots and posting opinion pieces. Accompanying those opinion pieces will be more research and education based pieces, to talk about sociology (my degree at university) and society in general!

So, I’d like to welcome you to my blog, It’s Becca!

I hope you’ll accompany me on this journey and we can have a lot of good times here.


BTS, the boy band taking over the world, making and breaking records, and stealing the hearts of many. Including mine.

Bangtan has come to mean so much to me, I would be far less happy without having them and their music in my life.

I don’t presume to know everything about them, I’m fairly new to the fandom, there’s jokes I don’t get, stories I don’t know. But I do know that they are some of the most amazing human beings I’ve ever seen. Those seven boys care about each other, their music, and especially their fans. There is no question in my mind about that. Yes, it’s hard to be a fan living in Canada, but their actions speak for themselves and I know they care about every ARMY all over the world.

bts ly

BTS are ridiculously talented. Dancing, singing, rapping, producing, they can do it all and they do it well. Which in and of itself is an understatement. They are so dedicated to what they do, they overwork themselves to create these amazing pieces and concepts (which is a whole other can of worms, but not what I’ll be talking about in this post). Their music has transcended barriers and they are now known worldwide, and for a group that predominantly speaks, sings, and raps in Korean, that is very impressive. They have transcended language barriers and actual physical borders.

I first heard BTS in a RobertIDK video when he reacted to the DNA music video. However, I didn’t start actually listening to them until after I watched them perform at the AMAs. They performed DNA and I was hooked. I decided to watch all their music videos, starting with DNA and going backwards. Which was a shock let me tell you, going from DNA to No More Dream. After watching all the music videos, I found them on Spotify and listened to all the songs on there, throughout all of this I was falling deeper down the rabbit hole and I have no regrets. After thoroughly becoming obsessed with their music, I started watching Bangtan Bombs and other videos of the boys. And that is when it was all over. I fell head over heals (I’ve never understood that phrase) for seven Korean men. I never knew how much they would mean to me when I watched the AMAs, but not a day goes by where they don’t make me a little happier.

BTS gave me something to be excited about, to look forward to, when nothing else in my life did. At first, it was a music video I hadn’t seen yet, a song I hadn’t heard yet. Now it’s selfies, tweets, videos, ARMY, and comebacks. They have been a light in a shady time for me. Before they were in my life I had been working really hard to get back to a place where I was happy with who I am. I went through a very rough period a couple years ago and I’ve been working my way back, I came a long way but I was definitely in a rut. BTS reminded me that I was worth it, reminded me to love myself, and reminded me that I am not alone. I will forever be grateful for everything that they have brought to my life.

bts ynwa.jpg


I’m a girl, too scared to fly. But you showed me my wings, showed me I can use them.

I’m still scared. And maybe I will never fly.

But it’s okay, because you promised I’d never walk alone.


Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook. Thank you.

감사합니다  BTS

사랑해 BTS






절대 쫄지 말아
누가 뭐래도 넌 괜찮아 (Alright)
강해 너는 말야

Don’t ever be scared
Whatever people say, you’re okay (Alright)
You are strong

~BTS 21st Century Girls


Happiness in Far Off Things

Happiness. One of the things the general population of the world hopes to achieve in their lifetime. I think we all to often believe happiness is one of those far off things that has to be big and fancy. But really, so many little things can make us happy if we let them.

There are lots of people who get happy about the seemingly little things. Things others would brush off, things others don’t care about, things others think are silly.

In general, I think I tend to be one of those people. However, there’s things that make me really happy and excited that I won’t show. Growing up, I knew people who were very openly “weird” and “fanatic” about things, and I knew people that judged them for that. So, in a way, I conditioned myself not to show my excitement about things that weren’t necessarily openly popular in the general public.

I am a fangirl. I always will be. It’s part of who I am, I get obsessed with things, I get excited about shows and books and bands.

A few months ago, I started listening to BTS. I’m sure many of you have heard of them, but they are a very popular K-pop band. I had been having a really hard time with school and life in general. I wasn’t motivated, to do anything, I wasn’t excited about anything and I certainly wasn’t enjoying school. I’m still struggling with that, but BTS gave me something to be excited about again. At first, it was one more song I hadn’t heard yet. Now, it’s one more video I haven’t watched. I found happiness in them. And that’s just one example of something that, to some people, wouldn’t bring this much happiness. But it does for me.

I guess what I’m trying to get at is, we all just want to be happy. Happiness means different things to different people, and we certainly shouldn’t judge them for that. I know a lot of us think we can’t be happy until we “succeed” or achieve something great. But we can be happy while we’re getting there too. We can let ourselves enjoy the little things in our lives, we can let those things count as happiness.

So, the next time you find yourself smiling at a flower you walk past, or at the puppy across the street, or the song in your headphones, or the fanart on your news feed, let yourself enjoy that moment. Remember it, remember the little things that make you smile despite everything. And appreciate that we have those things in our lives.



(really old and not very good picture but it works with the post :D)

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” ~ Albus Dumbledor